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Help Feed The Hungry in Milwaukee

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Just One More Ministry (JOMM) seeks to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ by providing regular nutritious meals for the hungry in Milwaukee. Food is donated to us by local grocers, restaurants, and catering companies, and is repackaged by volunteers into family meals for 2 or 4. These ready-to-eat meals include meat, starch, and a vegetable. A typical meal package also includes donated "pantry items" such as produce, bakery, dairy.

Meals are picked up in bulk at our facility by non-profits, homeless ministries, women's shelters, city churches, and elderly and veteran's organizations. These groups are known as our "Partners".

By redistributing food that would otherwise be thrown away, JOMM is able to provide a quality meal plus "pantry items" for a cost of less than $1.00 per person, all-inclusive. Since as much as 30% of food in the US is thrown away, JOMM is a positive example of how this food can be saved. Each meal is packaged with a prayer by this Christian ministry, as God blesses us to be a blessing to others.